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Your purchasing consultant in China

Outsourcing Purchasing | Imports to Sweden from China
Contact us at BME when you are about to purchase goods from China.

Purchasing is often equivalent to 60-70% of a company's expenses so specific measures to reduce purchasing costs can be of great value.

The potential can be realized through cost reduction, but also through skills development of the purchasing organization. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and an optimized organization and its processes. It can also create better supplier relationships with simple and accurate follow-ups. BME works closely with its customers to ensure this implementation. 

Are you interested in buying goods in China?

BME Sweden AB can act as your purchasing consultant for strategic purchasing in China. We are based in both Sweden and China and can meet customers and suppliers in both countries. 

Our expertise is your assurance
We speak the Swedish and the Chinese language fluently and have a deep understanding of the culture / business culture and have a large contact network and long experience in purchasing in China.

Elin Bu

Raised in Qingdao, China and came to Sweden as a table tennis player. Has won SM gold 97, 00. Master of Business Administration with specialization in accounting, entrepreneurship and corporate organization.

"I have worked as an Accounting Economist, Controller and Purchasing Manager and have extensive experience in import and export between Sweden and China which has been possible due to my knowledge of the language and the culture. I am driven, flexible and creative and look forward to working with you!  You are more than welcome to give me call. I look forward to hearing from you!"

Purchasing service | process:

Our work process is simple, clear and customized.

1. BME Sweden collects and translates designs/drawings and specifications.
2. BME Sweden conducts a supplier search and present recommendations.
3. BME Sweden negotiates with suppliers, manages orders and monitors all transactions.
4. BME Sweden handles freight and documentation (import and freight documentations).

The advantages of choosing BME Sweden AB as your purchasing agent:

What it entails to be our client::

  • You are dealing with a Swedish registered company.
  • You receive assistance in finding long-term business partners in China.
  • You receive access to our broad and well-established supplier network in various industries such as textiles, medical technology, synthetic materials, furniture, household electronics, interior design, gym equipment, etc.
  • You receive complete access to all supplier details.
  • You receive help with supplier search, order management, quality control and logistics.
  • Our developed systems are quality assured.
  • We check and control your suppliers' code of conduct (environment, working conditions and safety).
  • We have deep knowledge, understanding and extensive experience when it comes to communication in both Chinese and Swedish and the culture and business culture, all of which makes the entire process a much easier one for you.

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