Technical Visits Organizer

BME Sweden AB arranges unique customized technical visits / study visits for business groups from China.
The destinations of these visits are to carefully selected companies and businesses in southern Sweden.

Purchasing Consultant

We provide our purchasing consultant services for business companies. 

We speak the Chinese language fluently and have a sound knowledge and experience of the
business culture. We have a large contact network and long experience with purchasing in China.

Technical Visits Organizer

BME Sweden AB

BME creates contact networks for companies in Sweden and China with relevant and sought-after visits (technical visits / study visits) to various facilities around southern Sweden.

The technical visits groups to southern Sweden focus on the following areas:
1. Biogas / new energy
2. Sustainable waste management
3. Air and Water
4. Innovation / Technology
5. Groceries / Eco-cultivation
6. Education

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Elin Bu

Raised in Qingdao, China and came to Sweden as a table tennis player. Has won SM gold 97, 00. Master of Business Administration with specialization in accounting, entrepreneurship and corporate organization.

"I have worked as an Accounting Economist, Controller and Purchasing Manager and have extensive experience in import and export between Sweden and China which has been possible due to my knowledge of the language and the culture. I am driven, flexible and creative and look forward to working with you!  You are more than welcome to give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you!"

Purchasing Consultant

BME Sweden AB

Does your business need a purchasing consultant?

Our expertise is your assurance and peace of mind!
We know both the language, the culture and above all; the business culture. Our large network of contacts and long experience in purchasing in China can create the best conditions for your business.

Are you interested in buying goods in China?

Are you interested in buying goods in China? BME Sweden AB can act as your purchasing agent for strategic purchasing in China. We are based in both Sweden and China and can meet customers and suppliers in both countries.

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